The eco hotel on Lake Garda

Because hospitality goes hand in hand with sustainability

We take care to follow local policies on separate waste collection, the protection of water resources, linen change only on request and on energy saving, using low consumption lights. We use farm to table products in the kitchen, and adopt a responsible use of air conditioning and heating systems. We carry out these actions every day for the welfare of our planet and our guests.


We experience the territory as a physical space to be preserved but also as an ideal space to cultivate so that sustainability becomes a value for everyone and leads to an ever-present future more responsible. The privilege of being part of a place where nature expresses itself in its entirety its beauty makes us increasingly aware of the commitment necessary to preserve an environmental, social and economic heritage that represents the future of all, of young people, our children, our beloved guests.
We believe that each of us, with a small gesture, can make the world better.


We have been pursuing the reduction of energy consumption for years with the use of home automation for activate and deactivate the light fixtures throughout the structure and we urge our guests to energy saving by encouraging awareness of the benefits for the environment.

We have 5 charging columns for electric cars and offer a rental service e-bikes. Our proximity to the center offers guests the opportunity to enjoy of the enchanting landscape walking along the lake or discovering the beauty of the place with a bicycle tour along a dense network of cycle-pedestrian paths.
We use ecological and biodegradable detergents, which are necessarily available in hotels use, to minimize the environmental impact.
We have replaced plastic bottles with glass and aluminum ones and from 2021 we use straws created with biodegradable products. Our rooms are almost of all plastic free with the aim, by 2024, of having a courtesy line and a vanity 100% plastic free set.


Lido Palace is a company active in the area. By participating in the main organized events from the Municipality of Riva del Garda we intend to support entertainment and entertainment projects enhancement of the tourist destination.
Our management participates in and organizes training and refresher courses for all staff supported financially by the company. We believe in young people and we believe in a future full of opportunities and personal and professional growth.

Sustainability starts from our team

Verify personally our commitment to those who work with us.