1899. The investors’ project was not only to build an hotel but to regenerate the entire area by endowing it with parks, gardens and urban furniture by turning it into an area that will be designated as Lido Point. This ambitious plan had the aim of turning the small town and its beach into the Empire's RIVIERA, with evergreen parks and gardens where visitors could enjoy the sun and breathe the healthy air of the south.

In the fortunate Belle Epoque era, the Lido will feature amongst its guests the heir to the throne, Archduke Francesco Ferdinando, the Russian Great Duchess Olga  Alexandrova, sister of Czar Nicola II with all her following, the American millionaire Vanderbilt and many others.

After the WWI,  Riva joined the Italian kingdom and it was visited by King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena in 1921. After WWII, the Lido had a mixed fortune until the present day, which combines a contemporary charm with  timeless elegance.

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